About Greenlight Village Homes

Bringing Homeownership Within Reach
Our 15 Year Goal

Turn 123,000 working households into homeowners who have a total monthly housing cost of no more than 30% of their income. We’ll also eliminate 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

Our History

The company was founded by a father daughter team. Both were fed up with watching the wealth inequality gap widen, and both knew it was primarily due to the inflated costs of housing.

The daughter, Regina, was an aspiring home buyer in San Diego, but soon learned the mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance, and fees would add up to number that would put her in debt, even if she could scramble together the amount for the down payment.

The father, Fred, grew up in a mobile home park, watching as his mother paid rent for the lot every month. He grew up to become an expert in solar energy and currently manages a not-for-profit community that educates people on the solar equipment they need for their renewable energy projects.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We exist to make homeownership as affordable as possible – “pulling out all the stops” so that every working household can be free from predatory charges.

We aspire to completely change the landscape of the low end of the real estate business in every city where we have a presence. Both the need & timing for this have never been greater. Between the housing crisis and the climate crisis both reaching a fever pitch, modular, solar-powered, resident-owned homes will be wildly disruptive to the housing industry.

We’ll soon see people moving out of their overpriced apartments and waiting in line to get a place in a Greenlight Village Home. We hope you can join us.

Dad and daughter enjoying their home
Why Greenlight?

And Why Now?

We see a huge need in the market, and if someone doesn’t do something soon, billions of people around the world won’t be able to ever retire.

We see no reason why homes can’t be built the way cars are, or why they can’t be powered by the sun.

We see no reason why the land can’t be divided into compact spaces and owned by the masses rather than a big real estate investor with all the power and all the profits.


Our Founders

Fred Bellows

Fred Bellows

Co Founder

Regina Bellows

Regina Bellows

Co Founder

How Do We Do It?

What Makes Our Homes So Affordable?

See how we're "pulling out all the stops" to disrupt the current cost of homeownership.

No Energy bills

Due to the way we build these homes, we're able to provide the world's first grid-free, zero-emissions homes powered 100% by solar.

Compact Living

With an 837 sq. ft. home and a 4,000 sq. ft. lot, our clever design allows for a small space and comfortable living at an affordable price.

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Low mortgage rates

Greenlight Homes come with land ownership, and they therefore qualify for traditional, low home loan mortgage rates, unlike mobile homes.

low Building Costs

We mass-produce homes the same way cars are built: in factories, with materials purchased in bulk, and using robotics. We also streamline production with only one model: a 3-bed available in different exteriors.

low Cost HOA Fees

There are two ways we do this: First, the HOA is resident-owned & not-for-profit. Second, the water, sewer, & trash services are consolidated & purchased in bulk, with only one account for the whole village.

No Middle-Man

Each Greenlight Village is a resident-owned community COOP, which means every resident owns shares of the land & entire housing development, which is an appreciating asset.